Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mi Corazon Pencil Skirt

Inspired by Mexican folk art, the Mi Corazon Pencil Skirt is the latest in the line of Broad Minded Pencil Skirts. Featuring a unique heart print, this skirt has the red ruffle detail at the bottom and is as artsy and indie as daywear gets!

Psychobilly Muertos Outlaws Print Pencil Skirt!

This psychobilly skirt is what indie, edgy clothing is all about! A unique design that will turn heads! The Muertos Outlaws Pencil Skirt features a print of "outlaw" skulls on a beautiful blue background.

Viva Frida Long Pencil Skirt in Teal

Introducing the Broad Minded Clothing Viva Frida Pencil Skirt! The red ruffle detail flounces and bounces as you walk. The print is a beautiful tribute to the iconic Frida Kahlo, whose portraits and work are featured on this unique print. Another Broad Minded original!

Cutesy "Lingerie on the Line" A-Line Skirt for Summer!

The uber-cute "Lingerie On the Line" print is also available in a cutesy, breezy A-line skirt! So feminine and sweet! This unique skirt can only be found at Broad Minded Clothing!